Eric Greene from Later Magazine wrote up some nice words about my slideshow I put together for the Rip Curl Pro. These guys just released issue 3.1 so go grab a copy so they can fly me all over the world one day!

"We don`t really like to call him a "surf photographer" because he`s much more than that. He`s a master of capturing all those moments and vibes outside of the actual act of surfing."

That’s it boys & girls. That’s a wrap to the best week I’ve had in Tofino. Thank you so much for everyone’s support over the weekend- and thank you to everyone who made it to the Rip Curl Tofino Photo Showdown. I didn’t win but I got my message out and I think people connected to my idea- that’s all I wanted to do. Congrats Kyler Vos on the win, I have always loved your work! Logan Landry and the rest of the Halifax Speed Co crew thanks for the #lolz and shitty beers! See the rest of you around!